we enhance your senses

through our Passion for the Nature of Sound

we enhance

Our Passion for research and evolving technologies like Dolby and THX aided us to customize our Customer requirements. ADAC specializes in the entire Gamut of Home Theater Solutions and our Competent Team delivers results that can he Heard!

We offer expert solutions through customizing the end user experience in a phased manner:

  • Inquiry – Understanding our customer’s requirement
  • Inspection & Recommendations
  • Strategy (Budgeting) + Costing
  • Procurement: Raw materials (labor/manpower/timeline/progress/negotiations)
  • Transition
  • Installation
  • Reporting
  • Demo/Support Functions

Though continuous process improvements we are able to deliver the Gift of Sound Naturally!

Your Senses Enhanced will be Experienced!

Rajesh started exploring his innate creative thoughts on sound, amplifiers, circuits when he was 8 years old and as he grew up, with active support from his parents forayed to experiment his Passion for Sound. The nuances of electricity and electronics starting the year 1985 gave an opportunity to evolve with the Technological Advances in Sound Engineering. He invented better sounding devices through available speakers as early as 1986 and was a hit in the neighborhood.

He moved on to add value to his competencies while working with Sony, Singapore. He was successful in the equipment engineering and automation facility at Sony Precision Engineering Corporation and was recognized for his Team Work and quick Value Added Solutions. He was involved in Leadership and Development Facilitations with Sony, Japan.

Finally he set out to make a difference to the customers who needed the experience of a Theater at their very Home! He diversified and focused on his passion for the ultimate Home Theater Experience through careful Analysis and Choice of Equipments for that Ultimate Experience at your Home!

His patrons include Celebrities to top-notch CEO’s.

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